Outdoor Dining

Recently a question was asked on a women’s RV group about picnic table covers, so thought I would create a post about our solution.  Campground picnic tables tend to come in many different sizes and conditions.  As with most people, I used the red and white plaid table cloths found every spring in the stores’ outdoor cooking aisle.  The stores don’t have much of a selection to choose from, and quite often the cloths didn’t fit the table in our campsite.  I decided to use fabric purchased from sewing stores.  There are many more fun patterns and colors to choose from that work with our glamping lifestyle.  Plus they always fit my table.  If the cloth is too long, it can be folded under on the ends.  I keep several in my RV that either match our table settings or can be used for holiday celebrations.  I cover the table cloths with a light weight clear vinyl also purchased from the fabric store.  Obviously the vinyl is washable making the tablecloths good for several uses before washing.