Pauline’s Storybook Photography

specializes in working with children and their families.  I especially enjoy doing themed sessions with the kiddos.  Just pick your favorite theme, and we can go from there!   Take a peek at our fall sessions  happening in September through early October.

Pauline’s Photography portrait of little girl and rainbow umbrella
Rainbow Umbrella

Newborn Photo Sessions

I am planning some complimentary  newborn model sessions for infants up to 10 days old and welcome mothers to join me in photographing their babies.  Just contact me for more details.

Fall and Holiday Sessions

It’s time to schedule fall and holiday sessions.  Fall appointments need to be scheduled for September and holiday sessions need to be completed in November.

Pauline’s Photography- children’s fall photo session
Adorable Fall Photo Session

More Fall Photos

Little girl with Christmas reindeer children’s photography session
Christmas Reindeer Photography Session

More Christmas Photos

Love, Love, Love Babies!

Babies are so much fun to work with, and their photos are so precious!

For more info about my work and to schedule a session, send an email to or text me at 971-506-8911.  I can also be contacted here.