About Us

Trout Lake Creek Campground in October 2013
Our Somerset E3 at Trout Lake Creek Campground in October 2013

Welcome to our beach house where we are living life to its fullest!  All of us love being at the beach, playing in the sand, taking long sunburning naps (well at least I do, the girls tan), and splashing in the ocean.  We are fortunate that our beach house is mobile and allows us to travel and camp in many different and wonderful places.

As we engage in each new adventure that awaits us, I hope to share our family’s discoveries, make new friends, and learn more about the RVing community.  I have had the opportunity to visit 47 US states due to baton twirling competitions, gymnastic meets, traveling in a semi and living in Alaska for 10 years.  My current dream is to slowly travel the country again to revisit some places and see many more new ones while staying longer at each destination, allowing time to experience the local activities and culture.

I’m sure the blog will grow and change as life unfolds for us.  In addition to writing about our travels, posts may include other things that I’m passionate about.  I enjoy camping, hiking, and kayaking; and photographing nature and children seems to be an extension of those pursuits.  I also love reading, crafting and sewing.  Since this blog is about living life, posts about education, child care, and politics may even surface.

I hope you enjoy our site and leave a comment!  Pauline